Honoring Preservation and Coastal Agriculture

Our Proposal

Honoring the local legacy of preservation and coastal agriculture, the nature-based Carpinteria Farm Preserve & Bungalows permanently protects nearly 14 acres of additional open space overseen by a local third-party conservation group. This increases the total Carpinteria Bluffs preserve area by 13% for a total of 87 acres. Our plan will protect public access to 10.5 acres along with 3 acres of preserved farmland for regenerative farming at no cost to the community.

Moreover, 41 new affordable housing units nestled alongside a 99-room bungalow-style retreat are also planned on this privately owned parcel zoned for housing and commercial development. A gathering barn will welcome Carpinterians to enjoy a community-centered sustainable lifestyle.

Land Uses

What’s Changed Since 2022 Proposal

  • Increased housing units from 16 to 41 in response to the need for more affordable housing that is managed locally and permanently affordable
  • Consolidated the parking at the northeast corner and added an underground parking garage with a green roof for the market garden
  • Moved bungalows & housing to protect view corridors from Carpinteria Avenue and increase open space adjacent to the bluffs
  • Relocated regenerative farm to create a larger buffer between the bluffs and the bungalows
  • Created nearly 14 more acres of permanent public open space for a total of almost 87 acres of preserved Carpinteria Bluffs
  • These changes mean that more than half of the property will be permanently protected

Landscape Plan

Landscape and land stewardship concepts for programming and amenities will have an agricultural focus aligned with native ecology, community, and culinary experiences, all while living lightly on the land.


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